21 days later…. but 24 games above .500

Day 21… seems crazy to say I have been at Jeff for the last 21 days.  I was on Semester at Sea for 101 days, so I guess this is my second longest incarceration to date.

3 weeks in and I am starting to go a little stir crazy.. I watched the British open 3 times today and didn’t realized until I saw the same old dude get a hole-in-one 3 times and thought…hmm…it not getting dark.  I have missed multiple heat waves, thunderstorms and a Phestival but that’s about it.  Thanks to my friends, I got some great SWAG from the concert. Thanks AZ, AM, KM, and JPK

I get a couple visitors everyday so it good to see familiar faces.  Some stay longer then others, that’s when the “fatigue” kicks in..

I did get a fever (101) this week, so hospital protocol is nuts and very efficient, they take 2 different blood samples, urine sample and instantly get me hooked up to IV antibiotics and anti-fungals so lots of infusions and frequently, every few hours.  I will finish up these courses over the next few days and the results of the samples all came back negative, so fever of unknown origin.

Treatment wise, they are starting to get me off my electrolytes infusions and moving me to Magnesium and Potassium pills. The less dependent my body is on infusions, the quicker I can move to pills to replenish my electrolytes and get me discharged (scope check).

On day 18, I finally had “that” day, I assume all cancer patients have at some point. I did exactly what my doctor told me not to do and landed in the deep dark parts of the internet.  Don’t ever go there, its a scary place and extremely subjective.  Reminds me of a scene from What Dreams May Come (dark but very good), when Chris went looking for his wife….

As the Doctor told me, this, like any other recovery program is multifaceted.  Recovery is physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual.  Now I am not a religious person, but I do believe in some basic ideals.  So for me to have this day of awareness was cleansing, I needed to see the mortality of the disease to be able to really understand how lucky I have been to this point and what I need to do next.

Over the next few weeks and months, as I transition into the next phases of my treatments, I will need to make changes in my life.

Socially, things will be different for me, I will miss some events, but for my safely, I’ll make these choices willingly and know that the people affected understand why I make these choices.

At home, I will only allow people I have colonized with, meaning people that I share similar germ patterns with, like Jenna and my brother (my mom is a teacher, she is cess pool of germs and bacteria) in the house for the first few months.  Friends and family can come visit, we have a great wrap around front porch/cover side deck and BBQ/entertaining space in the back but we will need to hang out outside.  Pee before you leave and bring a coat if its gonna be chilly

Let you know how next week goes… Looking to get my ANC above 1500 so I can come home… so everyone pray/vibe/pull for neutrophils.  I can take care of the rest!



2 thoughts on “21 days later…. but 24 games above .500

  1. Mike,

    I just stumbled onto your blog randomly via a link on twitter. I read the whole thing & just want to say sorry about the diagnosis, hang in there & stay positive. Sending positive vibes from a fellow phan in Michigan to you & yours. Keep your head up, bud. Cheers..

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