Someone’s got a new address… HOME!

I have been less then honest the past few days, as I have known that I was going be discharged today since last week. I would have been discharged last Thursday but I got that fever I described previously.  SO I wanted to play it safe.

Things have been going really well.  I am no longer neutropenic, my counts have been above 1000 since middle of last week.  Today my counts were north of 1300, when I entered the hospital on 6/25, they were 336.  My hemoglobin and palettes numbers are 9.3 and 262,000, when I entered the hospital they were 8.5 and 75,000. And most importantly, my WBC (white blood count) is now at 4.3, when I entered the hospital it was 0.8.

So what does this all-mean, well it means something is working and things are trending in the right direction, enough so that I get to GO HOME and kiss the cat. I can’t wait to smooch Chloe whenever I get home today.  I know she is waiting for me to get home…

My journey now continues as an outpatient, daily trips down to Jeff for Chemo, Labs and maybe a social visit to 3WEST here and there.  I will update everyone on what that means as I begin to figure that out over the next few days.

Having never been in the hospital, I got attached to some of my nurse, I consider them friends now, not sure how it works the other way around.  Am I just a bed that comes and goes, I would hope not.  I know I really enjoyed their company, compassion and support.  We would talk about this, that and the other things; shoot the shit and maybe even a little gossip here and there.

I know if it weren’t for a certain few nurses, I would not have excelled the way I have.

There are so many more examples of nurses being nurses, there are incredible people here at 3WEST and I owe my success to all of you, I couldn’t have done it without each of you.  Thank you!!!  I will miss each of you and I am eternally grateful.

I can’t forget to mention my team of doctors and residents who I will continue to see as an outpatient, but I don’t want them to be overlooked.   Nothing like getting a wake up nudge from a resident every morning at 7am to see how I am feeling and do some vitals and share my numbers with me. Thank you, but your not done with me yet!

So today I get to go home, Jenna has been working feverishly to get our house ready for my return.  I am so excited to be home with my family.

So I guess I’m taking my talents to Blue Bell,


Waiting for the time when I can finally say, that this has all been wonderful but now I’m on my way… HOME!

-Phish DWD


3 thoughts on “Someone’s got a new address… HOME!

  1. If those very special nurses are reading this I also want to say thank you. Knowing mike was there with all of you made this experience manageable for me too. You are exceptional and should know that what you do everyday has truly changed our lives. Thank you!

    MA: come on home baby! Chloe and I are ready for you!

  2. Congratulations on making it home! Let your continued journey as an outpatient be as triumphant as your journey as you feel today until you beat this thing. Sending a lot of positive energy from Boston. Stay strong my man!

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