Finding ways to keep busy…

So I got 2 things going on these days, Chemo and raising money for Light the Night.

Chemo again, since everyone is asking?  Yes this was expected.  I am in what’s called Consolidation.  For me, its 4 weeks of ATO (1 hour infusion) and 2 weeks of ATRA (pills) concurrently, then 4 weeks off.  From what we have been told, I will do this cycle for a total of 28 weeks or 7 cycles.  Should be done around the beginning of 2012.

Having never been sick before I was never knew how medicine worked and now living with a nurse and being around nurses all day it a real eye opener. There are so many people involved in my care.  I have a phlebotomist that draws my labs every day.  I have nurse externs that do my EKGs and vitals every day.  I have an infusion nurse that administers my Chemo and interacts with my NP and Oncologist to make sure my levels are where they want them and then adjusts as needed daily.  Some days I get bags of MG, some days I don’t.  It all depends on my counts. All of these people play vital roles in my care.

Its weird, I spend all my time with nurses, either at home with Jenna or at the infusion center.  They are such special people.  The first nurse I had in the hospital just won a DAISY award for nursing excellence, and she was excellent. Meet Liz:

Enough about the medical stuff…

Light the Night – So this has become very important to me, supporting cancer research, providing patient support and education thru the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

September was always my favorite month, the Jewish holidays, my birthday and now I found out September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month.  This brings me back to one of my focuses, raising money for the LLS.

My friends, co-workers ( and family have all been helping out to raise money for Light the Night, the LLS fundraising walk as well as participating in the walk itself on October 22, 2011. We have raised more money then I thought we could in such a short amount of time.  There are so many people to thank for their support.  I really appreciate everyone’s time and donations to support the LLS and my team,

Here is a link to our team’s page, we still have more money to raise and I appreciate everyone continued support:

Since I am a team captain, I get emails from LLS with fundraising tips and tidbits; I liked this one:

Host a “Wear Red for LLS” day at your work or contact your child’s teacher or principal to get the kids involved! For a $5 donation, employees, students and kids can WEAR RED for Blood Cancer Awareness Month and in support of LLS

Talk to everyone next week, and please continue to support the LLS and Down with Disease team,


Check out David’s Story, really hits home


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