It’s the Final Countdown…

The music says it all, only 3 days left to raise money for the Down with Disease Team.  We are so close to our goal of $5,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  We will be walking this Saturday night in the Light the Night celebration with friends and family.  We get to celebrate my remission and my continued health. More on that below…

If you would like to help us get to our goal, please consider a donation here:

As for me, its been quiet, I had a great appointment with my Oncologist on Monday. Lots of nervous energy leading up to it. Every time I get an ache or pain, my first thought is uh-oh, my APML is back. Of course, Dr K. reminded me I am still human, I will still get aches, pain, bumps and bruises.. I will still grow old and I will get all the wonderful things that go with that (like this heartburn/gas pain).

On Monday, I saw something I didn’t understand right away…

I have been in treatment since June, 3 weeks as an in-patient, then the last 3 months as an out-patient at the Infusion center.  You start to recognize people at the infusion center, even make some friends. One night I saw someone in public, he was working at the McFadden’s at the ball park… he ended up being my waiter (terrible service, FWIW, but still gave him his 20%).  There is a great family, the daughter’s name is Ellen, her mom and I have the same type of Cancer, we have talked a few times.  This time I saw something different, something I didn’t understand right away. I saw an older women at the doctor’s office (2 floors above the infusion center), the same women I have seen plenty of times at the infusion center. Sometimes she is with her daughters, sometimes friends. Today she was with her daughters and they were crying.  I overheard her conversation with my nurse Shannon as they wheeled her out of the doctor’s office (she usually walks).  She had decided she couldn’t fight any longer, the cancer broke her spirit, the cancer won. It was an emotional scene, lots of hugging and crying, but there was some joy/relief.  I didn’t understand the joy/sense of relief, so that night Jenna and I talked about it before bed.  Jenna (who one day will be a palliative care NP) pointed out that this women was so brave, to be able to choose life over continuing treatment. She choose to live out her life not connected to Ports, PICCs, Central lines, IVs.  No more Blood tests, Diarrhea, Nausea, Bone pain, Bruising, Swelling from Chemo.  Instead she is choosing to enjoy whatever is left, with her children, probably her grandchildren and what every else lies ahead.

I don’t know what’s next for her, but seeing her with her daughters made me want to be an even better cancer survivor. Like Dr K said on day 1,  I will see you on your 60th birthday, I will celebrate your life events with you. So on monday, I start my 3rd round of Chemo, back to the usual grind at JEFF, Monday-Friday for the next 4 weeks. I am excited about it, gets me out of the house each day for a couple of hours and gives me some purpose.  I will miss seeing that women at the Infusion center.  Maybe she changes her mind, maybe she doesn’t, either way she is an inspiration to me and us all to fight every day..

“When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.” Every breath I take I am one step close to beating cancer…I am doing great!

I’m really excited about the Walk this weekend, my team has done an amazing job so far raising money for our team.  We are in the final countdown, so if you would like to help, please consider the link above To everyone that has already donated, thank you all so much.

Update: Chloe fundraising was RT’d by legendary Action News anchor Jim Gardner:!/Jim_Gardner/status/126772511575773184 – It’s been a good day

My cat Chloe, has raised over $100 for Light the Night, all her cat, dog and horse friends have been so generous!!! your pets can support her here:’Abrams


MA and the entire Down with Disease team


One thought on “It’s the Final Countdown…

  1. Go Mikey go! I just got home yesterday from a 6 day vaca in the major surgeries recover unti. So I while I get some rest and recovery, my thoughts will be headed your way to help with the heavy burden of chemo.

    Quick tip I learned…..DeCaf green trea does wonders when you are feeling low, helps warm things up a bit. Put in some ginger if your feeling a ill nausea….

    Anywyam keep on trecking on my man, let’ hit that finish line together, visualize, believe it, its there and were coming!

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