Magic Number = 5

I always wanted to do this math…. Since 6/23/11

I spent 32 days in the hospital as an in-patient. All of July 2011

The last 28 weeks, 196 days (less 56 for weekends, 140 biz days) I’ve spent 80 days of that time sitting in an infusion center for an average of 6hrs/day.

North of 480 billable hours of my time was spent at Jeff, if you include doctors appts, it well over 500hrs.

112 days in a medical facility getting chemotherapy and other life saving goodies

3 bone marrow biopsies, 2 normal, one started all this crap.

64 EKGs, all normal

112 blood draws * ~3 vials = 516 tubes of blood – that’s insane to think about, I was scared of needles before, I had previously given blood twice. Talk about getting over a phobia real quick

The number of pills I’ve swallowed, no chance, but lets try..

Just my magnesium is 24/day for the 100 days = ~2400 pills

Oral chemo = ~300 pills during induction plus ~ 980 during consolidation, and another 1120 during my 2yr maintenance period = 2400 pills

With all of that said, my magic number is 5, five more infusion at Jeff, then at 5 yrs, I’m cured.

I told you this was a test of endurance.


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